neon glittery aka Elizabeth Ashley Arnold, an illustrator, combines raw, pen hand-drawing techniques with digital coloring editing to design animals, each with distinctive lines, categorized under her defined style. She also uses a favored set of mixed media which includes markers, watercolor, gouache, and ink, to make organic, expressive creatures with personality emerging from their eyes. She sees her illustrations as a cross of imagination and reality. 

Elizabeth spent her childhood drawing in bright hues and studied fine arts in college, allowing her to develop her recognizable method over years of practice. With the support of her community in Northwest Arkansas and online, she found opportunities to distribute her work to establish her presence as Neon Glittery. Since residing in Fayetteville, Elizabeth illustrated three children’s books written by two local authors. Elizabeth also screenprints, and plays two layered casio keyboards and sings in her solo project, neon glittery.